Promoting Peace and Goodwill to God’s Beloved

Counseling Services provides brief, Christian-based psychological support and crisis intervention to address the emotional, social and academic needs of our clients.

Types of counseling services we provide are: clinical, Christian, and spiritual direction.


The Olive Branch Counseling Center is pleased to offer a number of training and workshops. We offer trainings, workshops for individuals, Churches & Community Organization.


Learn about individual counseling and about Counseling Center services and resources available.



Welcome to the Wonderful World of Counseling. I am Joan E. Tucker, licensed professional counselor-supervisor and social worker. After practicing n the field of child welfare and mental heath for many years, I decided to return o school and open my own private practice as a Christian Counselor. In my 6 years of practice I have served her 200 clients and offered supportive counseling particularly in the area of depression, anxiety, anger management, stress, relationship problems and multi-cultural issues. As an adjunct professor at both Ashland Theological Seminary and Ohio Christian University, I have been able to train and educate future helpers to help those dealing with daily life issues, which all of us have. Problem solving based upon the needs of individuals, couples, and groups is the aim of Olive Branch Counseling Center, LLC. serving children and adults.

If you need some help with current life challenges, I invite you to call and set up an appointment. There is hope for all of life’s situations, and I'm blessed to be able to help those who want to invest in improving their lives. Joan E Tucker, LPCC-S; LISW